As introduction to my paintings one can say that my works are associative - figurative.

Art for me, is art if aesthetics are combined with a reflection generated at the spectator. So the notion of art is not absolute and does not exist without the spectator. Each painting has two autors said Paul Veyne: the artist himself and its century. The century of its spectators that is.


In my works, my thoughts are presented separately, so they confront each other.

Computers are the bases of this step. Operation systems of computers use a presentation of the visible processes in rectangles, Windows. These windows are independent but influence the user together and behind the screen, they communicate with each other. It is not the contents of these processes that interests me but their visual presentations. They obey indeed very strict rules. Windows are oblong or squared, vertical or horizontal and can mask partially. Elements are inevitably rectilinear, of uniform color and especially bi-dimensional. The data processing is reduced to a vision which has resemblances with the limitations which Mondriaan used and which became the law for the users of computers. Millions of users of Internet know nothing else anymore. It is a way to influence the world culture, everything becomes uniform. It is the sort of mondrianisation that I hate, but of which I am inevitably a part.


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