From this union a son was born, Perseus. Angry, Acrisios puts his daughter and grandson in a safe and throws him adrift. They reach Sérifos, where King Polydecte, in love with Danae, tries to force her to marry her. To succeed in keeping Perseus, a potential threat to his marriage, he sends him to fight the Gorgon Medusa. Perseus returns, after many adventures, winner of Medusa. With the deadly head of the Gorgon, he turns the king into stone and manages to bring his mother back to Argos. She'll end up trapped behind a wall alive. 
Perseus accidentally killed his grandfather, by chance present as a spectator during discus throwing games.  


Danae symbolizes the drought-sized earth on which a fertiliser descends from the sky. In these paintings ROB replaces Danaé with the villa Adriana in Tivoli.

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